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 AUX BANK UP/DOWN with MIDI IN FOOTSWITCH is an expansion module for GSC-3 and GSC-2 with two footswitches to switch the banks which enable working with ten presets in each bank. It features MIDI IN input enabling to control the controller by other device sending the Program Change MIDI commands.



Before connecting the GSC-2 controller check the firmware version (should be 2.20 or higher). If it doesn’t it is needed to upgrade controller program by using » G2Soft 2.4 (zip, 4.11 MB).



To connect the expansion module to the controller set the AF2 mode (AUX input function No. 2) at LOOP button settings (footswitch No. 8) and choose cb2 or cb3 by changing the bank mode (by using BANK UP/BANK DOWN footswitches). Connect the module with controller’s AUX connector.


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